58 content writing ideas to shake up your content marketing strategy

Looking for content writing ideas

Are you tired of churning out blog posts all the time? Struggling for other content writing ideas? Failing miserably with keeping your content marketing strategy fresh?

If you’re bored of your website content, chances are your readers are as well. To keep people engaged with your site you need to provide an interesting mix of content formats – not just the same old blog format over and over again.

But where to begin with inspiration for your content writing?

I’ve compiled this list of 58 Content Writing Ideas to help you shake up your content marketing strategy and avoid stagnation on your website.

This covers all kinds of website content marketing ideas – from case studies to how-to guides – so whatever kind of business you need to write content for, you should find plenty of inspiration here.

Some of these content formats can be published directly to your website or blog, while others might be more appropriate to offer as a download (either free or paid).

You’ll also find some other content writing tips in this guide, including:

  • How to get ideas for topics to write about
  • The benefits offered by different types of content marketing
  • How to easily produce professional-looking content that’s in-line with your brand

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Tailoring your content for SEO

Remember that all the content you create must not only be valuable to your users, it should also be keyword optimised to attract more people to your site through organic search.

It’s simple enough to create written content with SEO in mind, but what about SEO for visual content formats?

When producing visual content, such as infographics, charts or mind maps, you can optimise the images themselves and also add a relevant on-page description of what the content is, how you compiled it, and how it might be used.

Finally, don’t forget to proofread any written content you produce for your website, since typos and other mistakes can create an unprofessional image for your business.

I hope you enjoy getting more creative with your content marketing strategy thanks to these content writing ideas!


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